A note taking plugin for Emacs combines with pomodoro time management technique
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Basically, running-life is a note taking plugin for Emacs, but also provide a pomodoro timer.

When starting a new pomodoro, running-life will automatically insert text into attached buffer, so that you can write some plan for this pomodoro. Additional notes can be added during or after this pomodoro.

The idea is very simple, but can have a huge impact on your time and task management. Just have a try! :)


Put runing-life.el into your load path, and then do some customization:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/running-life/")

(require 'running-life)

;; Sound file to be played when starting or finishing pomodoros.
(setq running-life-start-sound "/path/to/a.wav")
(setq running-life-finish-sound "/path/to/another.wav")

;; Text to insert when starting a new pomodoro, it will be passed to
;; `format-time-string`.
(setq running-life-auto-insert-text "%Y/%m/%d %H:%M\n----------------\n\n")


After installation and configuration, open a file which note will be stored in, an then run running-life-start, that's all!

Life is short, and time is rapid, so we should running, to catch up with it. :)