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Gum bichromate is a 19th-century photographic printing process based on the light sensitivity of dichromates. It is capable of rendering painterly images from photographic negatives. Gum printing is traditionally a multi-layered printing process, but satisfactory results may be obtained from a single pass. Any color can be used for gum printing, so natural-color photographs are also possible by using this technique in layers.

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Like painting a picture, QA members want to create an automated testing environment that paints a picture of the stability of their product. Bichromate uses the following tools: Java, Selenium, Appium, and TestNG to paint a testing framework that drives all automted testing. Page object model design and data driven tests are the concepts Bichromate incorporates to paint the product picture of quality.


Create a new testNG project in Eclipse.

To access the webDrivers for local, proxy, SauceLabs, Browser Stack inherit from sTestWebDriverFactory

To gain access to the data driven tests and auto setup tunnels to Saucelabs and BrowserStack integrate your test classes with a new inherited sTestWebDriverFactory (make a copy of sTestWebDriverFactory, integrate your sTestWebDriverFactory)

To gain access to the base page object model design inherit sTestBasePageDeclaration

There are three log file factories used in Bichromate

POMLOGGER - used to capture any errors or messages in pages created for testing.

testExecutionLogFactory - captures results of all tests run. When the @afterSuite is run, this logger generates a history report found in reports\reports.html

webDriverLogger - used to capture all usages of webDriver creation.

Build in Factories:

  • private static sTestJiraFactory
  • sTestOSInformationFactory
  • webDriverLogFactory
  • sTestScrollIntoViewFactory
  • sTestHilitePageElementFactory
  • sTestScreenCaptureFactory
  • sTestZipFileFactory
  • sTestSlackFactory
  • sTestHipChatFactor
  • sTestVideoCaptureFactory
  • sTestMySQLConnector
  • sTestFTPFactory
  • sTestCustomerAccountManagerFactory
  • sTestLogFileFactory
  • sTestCleanupFactory
  • sTestZipCodeAPI
  • sTestNewRelicFactory
  • sTestKibanaFactory
  • sTestTestDataStorage
  • sTestVideoCaptureFactory
  • sTestLoremipsumFactory


BichroMate is built off the TestNG framework.

BichroMate TestNG


BichroMate generates the following Reports:

  • TestNG Reports
  • Extend Reports
  • BichroMate Report that captures history of all tests run.
    • First time the test was run
    • Last time the test failed
    • How many times has the test been run
    • % Pass rate

BichroMate Report


This section outlines the tools that are provided with BichroMate

  • CronJob - Built in cronjob lets you schedule jobs on your local machine before promoting the tests to a CI environment like Jenkins or Team City

BichroMate Tools cronJob

  • LogFileFactory - Tool to parse log files after the test has run. You can also use the U/I to parse log files

BichroMate Tools log file Factory

CI Integration

Running tests within a CI environment. Bichromate has the following system variables that will override the property files defaults

  • -DBichromate.spreadsheet=stageTestSetup.xls
  • -DBichromate.worksheet= X
  • -DBichromate.table=x
  • -DBichromate.logFileIP=
  • -DBichromate.dbServerName - server name to access the DataBase
  • -DBichromate.dbName - DB schema name
  • -Bichromate.sshServer - sshServer name

3rd Party Integrations

BichroMate integrates with the following organizations:

  • SauceLabs
  • Browserstack
  • Selenium Grid.

There is just one function call to create a webdrive that connects to these 3rd party integrations

BichroMate Integrations browserStack

BichroMate Integrations sauceLabs

BichroMate Integrations Selenium grid



  • Updated Bichromte to 3.13
  • Added new web drivers for Chrome and Firefox headless


  • Updated to the new release of Bichromate 3.11


  • Now uses BichroMATE Maven Repo version 3.10
  • Added the pomFactory that will take a URL and turn it into a properties file and a POM file to be added to the base webdriverfactory
  • Created a new test page: This page has Ajax script that populates a table very slowly. Gives testers the opportunity to test out their selenium waits.
  • sTestBasePageObject is now abstract and includes a function isAjaxLoaded(). Override this function for each page that has to determine if ajax has loaded.



  • Added bichromateJars folder. This contains the Bichromate jar files that need to be added to local mvn repo.


  • Initial version. Sample project coming soon. Email for more information.
  • In Appium version 1.6 to find app elements you need do something like: driver.findElementByXPath("//android.widget.Button[@text='+']").click();


  • BichroMATE has been used succesfully in in two companies to date.
  • 12 weeks and 5 QA to fully automate regression suite.
  • Built an entire CI/CD environment(Jenkins) for in 4 weeks. This included proxy access to DBs to confirm table results in BillFire's Application


Bichromate project to flesh out individual projects.







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