API App that applies our forms engines over emails. tweets. texts, etc.
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Deploy to Azure

Darl Converse is a Microsoft compatible API App that applies our forms engines over emails. tweets. texts, etc. Logic App compatible!

DARL Forms is a SaaS engine that creates forms, questionnaires and other forms of data capture and inference. Our unique insight is that most non-trivial forms are tied to a set of requirements, like a mortgage application, a job appplication, etc. The form is used to collect information, and as the basis to make a decision.

Our system does everything at once by getting the user to define the requirements as a set of rules using our super-easy rule language, DARL. Our engine then creates a form and orders the inputs in the rules by their salience, asking the most important questions first, and not asking at all any questions that are made irrelevant by previous answers.

Thus you can automate the whole process of data collection and generation of a decision, built into a Logic App!

This particular API app extends this system to conversations using media like emails, twitter, texts, chat interfaces etc.

The general pattern is that you create a logic app using connectors as required, and when the user initiates the conversation by messaging a particular address, twitter handle, phone no. etc., the logic app responds with a series of questions. Ultimately the forms engine decides the rules have been satisfied and returns a set of results, and optionally triggers further processing in the logic app with those results.

You create questionnaires using our site which contains online editors for the rules, text of questions and responses and general formatting. Multiple languages are supported.

A free account offers sufficient usage to develop and run simple applications. A low cost paid for version offers unlimited usage.