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A Bot implementation using DARL and the Microsoft bot framework
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The DARL Bot

This bot interfaces with the DARL Bot framework to create a bot hosted on Azure. The functionality of the bot is determined by the bot model hosted on and any rulesets (skills) you attach.


  • .NET Core SDK version 2.1

    # determine dotnet version
    dotnet --version

To try this bot

  • Set up the AppSettings.json. Create a free account at and retrieve your API key as described here. You will automatically be given a sample bot model called "thousandquestions.model" which you can insert below.

      "MicrosoftAppId": "The app id or empty for local testing",
      "MicrosoftAppPassword": "The app password or empty for local testing",
      "DarlAPIAddress": "",
      "DarlAPIKey": "The DARL API key for your account",
      "DarlBotModel": "The name of the bot model you are using",
      "initialText":  "Hello from DarlBot"
  • In a terminal, navigate to DarlCoreBot2

    # change into project folder
    cd # DarlCoreBot2
  • Run the bot from a terminal or from Visual Studio, choose option A or B.

    A) From a terminal

    # run the bot
    dotnet run

    B) Or from Visual Studio

    • Launch Visual Studio
    • File -> Open -> Project/Solution
    • Navigate to DarlCoreBot2 folder
    • Select DarlCoreBot2.csproj file
    • Press F5 to run the project

Testing the bot using Bot Framework Emulator

Bot Framework Emulator is a desktop application that allows bot developers to test and debug their bots on localhost or running remotely through a tunnel.

  • Install the Bot Framework Emulator version 4.3.0 or greater from here

Connect to the bot using Bot Framework Emulator

  • Launch Bot Framework Emulator
  • File -> Open Bot
  • Enter a Bot URL of http://localhost:3978/api/messages

Deploy the bot to Azure

To learn more about deploying a bot to Azure, see Deploy your bot to Azure for a complete list of deployment instructions.

Further reading

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