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A basic website for managing inventory and ticketing.
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app Remove unused comma type
bin Update setup script
config Clean up the item class
db Add item types as a model
doc upgraded to rails 3
lib Update setup script
public Add in a loading template.
script basic cucumber install
spec Clean up the item class
vendor/assets/javascripts Add hotkey for new item
.rspec added the rspec stuff for integration testing and fixed the comment u…
.ruby-version Add Errbit for error tracking.
.rvmrc change to using 1.9.3 and fix a few db issues
.travis.yml Fix travis
Capfile changed the db and the rails version
Gemfile Move to EmberTable and Ember show page
Gemfile.lock Sort the location by name
Procfile Fix issues with heroku ugrade to Rails 4 Simplify the setup

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This is an inventory system that was originally designed for Virginia Tech Rec Sports. It has been modified slightly to make it more generic and up to date.

Development Setup


Testing Setup

  rake #This runs the full test suite minus the old Unit Tests

Deploying a new instance

  • heroku create
  • git push -u heroku master
  • heroku run rake db:setup
  • heroku run console - update the first user with actual information
  • set all the ENV variables from the .env file
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