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#### Stubbing route helper functions
If you are writing isolated tests for Draper methods that call route helper
-methods, you can stub them instead of needing to include Rails.
+methods, you can stub them instead of needing to require Rails.
-To get access to the Draper `helpers` in your test, include them in your tests:
+If you are using RSpec, minitest-rails, or the Test::Unit syntax of minitest,
+you already have access to the Draper `helpers` in your tests since they
+inherit from `Draper::TestCase`. If you are using minitest's spec syntax
+without minitest-rails, you can explicitly include the Draper `helpers`:
describe YourDecorator do
@@ -404,13 +407,12 @@ end
Then you can stub the specific route helper functions you need using your
-preferred stubbing technique (this example uses mocha):
+preferred stubbing technique (this example uses RSpec's `stub` method):
-helpers.stubs(users_path: '/users')
+helpers.stub(users_path: '/users')
## Advanced usage
### Shared Decorator Methods

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