Issue calling find on a collection decorator since version 1.2.0 #509

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=> #<Project id: 1, ....>

NoMethodError: undefined method `find' for nil:NilClass

Seems that the decorator_class isn't being set anymore.


I can take a closer look and provide a patch after the weekend if no one else gets to it first

drapergem member

The reason decorator_class isn't set here is for STI support; since it's nil, the decorator is inferred for each item.

I would just use some_scope.find(1).decorate rather than some_scope.decorate.find(1)

Apart from being inconsistent with our general policy of not supporting queries on collection decorators, I think this functionality is actually quite broken: user.projects.decorate.find(1) returns project 1 even if it does not belong to the user in question.

I suggest we fix it but also deprecate it.

drapergem member

I suggest we fix it but also deprecate it.

Seems good. Let's leave this open until that's done.

@haines haines added a commit that closed this issue Apr 5, 2013
@haines haines Fix `CollectionDecorator#find`
Deprecates the use of ActiveRecord's `find` method on a collection

Closes #509
@haines haines closed this in 29590a5 Apr 5, 2013
@seanlinsley seanlinsley added a commit to activeadmin/activeadmin that referenced this issue Oct 11, 2015
@seanlinsley seanlinsley #3930 forces deprecation warnings to cause test failures, so we're
forced to fix them. This is one deprecation:

>DEPRECATION WARNING: Using ActiveRecord's `find` on a
CollectionDecorator is deprecated. Call `find` on a model, and then
decorate the result. (called from block in add_default_batch_action at
lib/active_admin/batch_actions/resource_extension.rb:73) (StandardError)

This issue was introduced by #3775, which started decorating
collections for batch actions. The Draper ticket that resulted in the
deprecation is: drapergem/draper#509.

The simple solution would be to no longer decorate the batch action
collections, which is what this commit does.
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