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This repository contains tools built on top of BAP. To get started, see the CBAT documentation.

Repository layout

To get started, see the documentation link above. If you're digging into the code, this repository contains three tools in different directories as follows:

  • weakest-precondition - An SMT-based weakest precondition (WP) analysis for BAP. We use this both for single program analysis and for comparing the behavior of two programs. The WP calculation verifies intra-procedural properties specified using first-order logic, and resolved using the Z3 theorem prover. To compare programs, the plugin combines them into a single program and uses the weakest precondition computation to find differences in the behavior of the two parts.

  • bildb - A debugger to step through binary programs lifted into BAP's intermediate language (BIL). The debugger lets users see the binary program as BAP sees them, in the simpler BIL syntax that is architecture independent. Users can step/skip forwards backwards, set breakpoints, read/set registers and memory locations, and so on.

  • value-set-analysis - A value set analysis (VSA) for BAP, and a tool to add missing edges to a CFG based on the value set analysis. The CFG edge reconstruction is done by performing VSA to discover and add new edges to the CFG, and iterating to a fixpoint. The value set analysis itself can be used independently of the CFG reconstruction. Note: The vsa plugin was built for earlier versions of BAP, and has not been updated for BAP 2.x. It is known not to compile with current versions of BAP. We plan to revisit it in the future.

The repository also contains:

  • bap-notes - A set of notes and starter examples that are useful when learning how to use BAP.
  • bap_angr - Data related to the paper "Using Binary Analysis Frameworks: The Case for BAP and angr."


This work is sponsored by ONR/NAWC Contract N6833518C0107. Its content does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the US Government and no official endorsement should be inferred.