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Fracture (tm)

Fracture is an architecture-independent decompiler to LLVM IR. It is open source software. You may freely distributed it under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license agreement found in the LICENSE file. See the file for instructions on how to compile and install this software.

Fracture can speed up a variety of applications and also enable generic implementations of a number of static and dynamic analysis tools. Examples include interactive debuggers or disassemblers that provide LLVM IR representations to users unfamiliar with the instruction set, static analysis algorithms that solve indirect control transfer (ICT) problems modified for IR, use of KLEE or other LLVM technologies on binary files, and IR-based decompilers or emulators extended to work on machine binaries.

Fracture consists of an LLVM TableGen backend and associated library that ingests a basic block of target instructions and emits a directed acyclic graph (DAG) which resembles the post-legalization phase of LLVM’s SelectionDAG instruction selection process. It leverages the pre-existing target LLVM TableGen definitions, without modification, to provide a generic way to abstract LLVM IR efficiently from different target instruction sets.

Fracture currently works with the ARM backend and is still in the proof of concept stage, with several missing pieces before it can be utilitized as we intend. See the file for more information.

Trademark Notice

Fracture is a registered trademark of the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.