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HOPE Software Toolchain
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HOPE Software Toolchain

The hope-src repository is a super-repository for the HOPE software toolchain.

Cloning the Source

As hope-src relies on git submodules, we recommend the following .gitconfig settings:

        recurse = true
        recurseSubmodules = on-demand
        submodule = log
        submoduleSummary = true

The following command will clone the full HOPE software toolchain:

git clone --recursive

Building the HOPE Toolchain

This is a step-by-step guide on how to build the HOPE software toolchain.

Setting Environment Variables

To set the necessary environment variables, run the following command:

ISP=/your/isp/build/ source ./tools/isp-support/set-env

If no ISP variable is specified, the default build location is ~/.local/isp/.

Software Prerequisites

Currently, HOPE development is only supported on Ubuntu 18.04.

Ubuntu 18.04

On Ubuntu 18.04 run the following to install the necessary software.



The software can be built using the Makefile provided in this repository. It is recommend you run make with the -j# flag as this will instruct make to perform a parallel build with a maximum of # processes. A good choice for # is the number of CPUs you have which is returned by nproc. Therefore you can run the following:

make -j `nproc`

Running Tests

Bare Metal Tests

make test-bare JOBS=auto

Note: JOBS allows for parallel test runs. You may specify the number of parallel jobs with JOBS=N

FreeRTOS Tests

make test-frtos JOBS=auto

Continuous Integration

Steps to run your changes through Continuous Integration (CI):

  1. After updating all the individual repositories, create a new hope-src branch starting with "pr-".
  2. Bump the submodules in hope-src with your new repositories.
  3. Jenkins will watch for pr-* branches and set build status on hope-src as well as each individual repository.
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