A process of merging C4 and libpd
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A working attempt to merge libpd with C4.

Getting Started

Download and install C4 - http://www.cocoaforartists.org

  • Click on the XCODE project.
  • Select the C4-libpd scheme and run it on either the simulator or your device
  • Enjoy!
  • Hack!
  • Email me. adam@adamtindale.com


  • Created xcode project
  • Added git submodule git://github.com/libpd/libpd.git
  • Added to root project
  • Changed relative search headers $(SRCROOT)/../../ libpd
  • ibpd-ios as a dependency
  • added AudioToolbox.framework
  • Put PDAudioController in C4PureData h/m
  • Implemented PDReceiverDelegate protocol for C4Workspace ----- C4PDclass branch -- testing a new build without xcode project put in
  • Preprocessor Macro in Build settings -> HAVE_UNISTD_H to get <sys/stat.h> included
  • Compiler flags in Build Phase for .m files in libpd -> -fno-objc-arc
  • added -w flag for the pd files to suppress the unused variable warnings
  • C4PD static to prevent multiple instantiations of PDAudioController
  • Made better demo patches


  • Add http://theamazingaudioengine.com/
  • Make a real log file
  • Manage opening and closing patches (Kind of done)
  • create a C4label for every patch opened an allow to quit
  • listopen patches should PDbase for open patches, as users can bypass C4PD by calling PDbase directly (or indirectly through PDFile).