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signalJam~ Patches signalJam~ is an event for live coding audio compositions for users of Max MSP or Pure Data. This event is all about play, experimentation and improvisation. This is not a workshop, rather it is a creative play space for all levels of skill!

Rules of signalJam~:

Because of the open nature of this live coding session, we need to set some perimeters to ensure that it is fun and accessible for everyone.

  1. To keep the event accessible, the first rule of signalJam~ is YOU DO NOT bring pre-existing patches / work! If you bring a patch to this event seeking technical consultancy, you will not get it here. If you're jamming along and run into little issues want to know a couple things, we are here to help, in that case. Come in with a clean slate. We will build it together. This is about improvisational creative coding and collaborative compositions.

  2. The second rule of signalJam~ is YOU DO NOT bring pre-existing patches / work!

  3. Bring your own laptop / portable speakers / computer speakers. We will not have a main mixer, and will also try to play with spatial positioning as part of the composition. Large sound systems are also not welcome, and you don't want to be that guy or gal trying to drown everyone out with your sound.

  4. Midi controllers and sensors are welcome. Just note this is not a trouble shooting session, so don't get too hung up if things don't work before hand (or just test out your gear so that you know it works.

  5. This event involves trial and error! Some moments may sound awful, while other moments may sound great. Learn off of each other and come with an open mind.