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When we started releasing software, we wanted our users to be able to install the programs using easy-to-use professional looking installation packages. However, we found that a lot of the installation creation software with all the cool features was expensive, and the free software was bog-standard. So, we started to develop our own.

DratInstall is a simple free customisable installation package creation program for Windows. The installation packages created with DratSoft use the same style as most other Windows installations, but can be customised with your own images and text so that the setup process reflects your product.

The current version is geared towards creating installations for Windows 10 both 32 and 64-bit. We’ve tried to make the interface as intuitive as possible but also highly customisable. Using DratSoft’s built in template, you can fill in the bare-minimum details, and have a working installation package in minutes. If you want to spare a little more time, you can further customise your installation package.

Unlike some other free installation creation software, the installation packages created with DratInstall don’t advertise DratInstall in any way. The installation process is about your product and your company.


  • Customisable images and text
  • Customisable installation process
  • Customisable icons
  • Preview resulting installation package
  • Optional start menu folder and desktop shortcuts
  • Optional AppData folder
  • Automatic uninstall program creation
  • File association settings
  • Platform selection


A simple free customisable installation package creation program for Windows.



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