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System Installer for Drauger OS.
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System Installer for Drauger OS.

system-installer aims to provide a fast, modular method of installing a Debian-based operating system. As of now, it is not advised for use on systems that Linux new-comers will frequent, due to it's reliance upon gparted and the users understanding of how partitioning works.

Click here to view the curreent list of known bugs

Click here to view the list of planned features

Click here for notes on hacking on system-installer

system-installer currently works only on Drauger OS, but may be adapted to work on other Debian-based OSs later.

Notable features

  • Add PPAs inside the installer, post installation
  • chroot access to the installed system, from within the installer
  • Quick-install config file support
  • One of the fastest installation utilities in Linux today (2-to-3 minutes (ish)) on a quad-core CPU with 4 GB of RAM and decent, reliable internet)


Interested in helping out with development? Great! Check out the notes on how to get started with development here.

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