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Drawpile - A Collaborative Drawing Program

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Drawpile is a drawing program that lets you draw, paint and animate together with others on the same canvas. It runs on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.


Take a look at the downloads page on or the GitHub releases.

Instructions on how to compile Drawpile from source are found on this documentation page.

If you're using Arch Linux, you can get Drawpile from the AUR.

Getting Help, Giving Suggestions, Reporting Bugs

If you're having trouble with something, want to suggest a feature or report a bug, take a look at the help page on

You can directly report issues here on GitHub. If you got Discord, you can join the Drawpile server on there. You can also use the chatroom on, it can be done directly through the browser and doesn't need any account.


Pull requests are welcome, be it for code or anything else! If you want to contribute documentation, you can do so over in this repository.

If you want to translate Drawpile to your language, take a look at Drawpile on Weblate. You can translate it directly in the browser.

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