This sample project demonstrates usage of Metrics + Graphite + Graphana.
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This sample project demonstrates usage of Metrics + Graphite + Graphana.

You can check my Metrics, check your performance slides for some background informations about those samples.


This project wire together 3 monitoring components :

  • Metrics which is a Java library which gives you insight into what your code does in production environment. It's a powerful toolkit which provide glues metrics for common libraries like Jetty, Logback, Log4j, Apache HttpClient, Ehcache, JDBI, Jersey. You can report to backends like Ganglia and Graphite.

  • Graphite is a highly scalable real-time graphing system. It will collects numeric time-series data into Graphite's processing backend, Carbon.

  • Graphana is metrics dashboard and graph editor for Graphite, InfluxDB & OpenTSDB. It's forked version from Kibana reworked for more generic usage.

Source code

Current project provides a sample integration between JEE Servlet and Metrics. You can check sample code :


Graphite and Graphana are a bit complex components to deploy, so I provide some pre-build containers using :

  • Docker provide easy to deploy containers: it provide a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool.
  • Fig is a fast and isolated development environments using Docker.

Once you have Docker and Fig installed and configured, you can run :

fig up graphite

It will download & start a full-blown graphite+graphana container.

You can then submit your metrics to localhost:2003 (Graphite UDP port).