Ping nordvpn servers to find the best/fast for you
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Ping nordvpn servers to find the best/fast for you

How to use:

  • Download this script to the same directory where you unzipped all *.ovpn files

    • Optional: you may want to keep the script in the $PATH, but you must run it from the working directory where the *.ovpn files are
  • New -e key, prints also at stderr output, so you can easely pipe stdout to a sort command and still keeps track of progress

  • Usage:

     ``./ [-v] ( [-h|-V] | [-p TCP|UDP] [-d PATH] )``
         -h, --help       Show this help.
         -V, --version    Show version.
         -v, --verbose    Turn verbose mode on (cumulative).
         -p, --protocol   Set the protocol to ping: TCP (default) or UDP
         -d, --directory  Set the path where to find ovpn files
         -f, --filter     Filter by prefix
         -w, --wget       Download ovpn files to directory ./ovpn-files
         -e, --stderr     Print also to stderr. Useful if piping, e.g.: $ ./ | sort -nk3

Exit status:

   0, if ok.
   1, some error occurred.


  Written by Ruben Carlo Benante <>  
  Date: 2017-02-18
  Modified: 2017-11-18