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Hierarchical Bayesian estimation and hypothesis testing for delay discounting tasks

Vincent, B. T. (2016) Hierarchical Bayesian estimation and hypothesis testing for delay discounting tasks, Behavior Research Methods. 48(4), 1608-1620. doi:10.3758/s13428-015-0672-2

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What does this toolbox do?

This toolbox aims to be a complete solution for the analysis of experimental data from discounting tasks.

Key features:

  • Bayesian estimates of discounting parameters, complete with credible intervals.
  • Parameters exported to a .csv file for analysis in JASP.
  • Optionally use hierarchical inference to improve participant-level estimates.
  • A variety of models are available:
    • 1-parameter discount functions: exponential, hyperbolic.
    • 2-parameter discount functions: hyperboloid
    • Also, hyperbolic discounting + magnitude effect, where discount rates vary as a function of reward magnitude.
  • Explicit modelling of participant errors provides more robust parameter estimates of discounting parameters.
  • Posterior predictive checks help evaluate model goodness and aid data exclusion decisions.
  • Publication quality figures.



Introductory video:

Questions, comments

Please use the GitHub Issues feature to ask question, report a bug, or request a feature. You'll need a GitHub account to do this, which isn't very hard to set up.

But you could always email me or tweet me @inferenceLab instead.

I'm very happy if people would like to contribute to the toolbox in any way. Please see the document.