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Global variables not thread safe #2

gamemachine opened this Issue Nov 21, 2011 · 7 comments

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I'm pretty sure that the global special variables for the regex are the cause of errors I'm seeing on a rails app running under jruby/tomcat. I get random incorrect responses under load, and when I run the same input through in a single threaded sample script, it generates the correct response.


headius commented Nov 21, 2011

The "globals" for $~ and friends are not thread-local...they are frame-local (local to a given method activation). Normally this remains on one thread, but when a proc is captured and used across threads those variables can be updated in a concurrency-unfriendly way.

drbrain commented Nov 21, 2011

While it's OK to use regexp specials across threads, net-http-digest_auth is not thread safe.

For the current release you must wrap access to it with mutual exclusion due to @nonce_count.

I may be able to add a mutex around just incrementing the nonce_count, but I will need to check the RFC first.


Ya in our case that won't work, in a single rails instance we do around 2000 outgoing http requests per second across 100 or so threads. A mutex would not only be expensive, it would probably start blocking threads. Just creating a new instance for each requests works fine, I don't care about the nonce count.

@drbrain drbrain added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 23, 2011
@drbrain The client nonce count is now incremented in a syncronized method for…
… thread safety. Issue #2
drbrain commented Nov 23, 2011

1.2 is now thread safe. It should be fine performance-wise to use this across multiple threads as the synchronized section is small (only around +=)

@drbrain drbrain closed this Nov 23, 2011
dubek commented Oct 6, 2014

(revisiting this old one...)

I think there's a subtle thread-safety problem - on line 141 ( ) we access the instance var @nonce_count which might have already been incremented by another thread since it was fetched from next_nonce. I think this line should refer to the local var nonce_count, like in line 123.

drbrain commented Oct 6, 2014

Good catch, do you want to make a pull request?

@dubek dubek added a commit to dubek/net-http-digest_auth that referenced this issue Oct 7, 2014
@dubek dubek access nonce_count in a thread-safe way
The instance var @nonce_count is read and updated only once when
starting to generate the auth header value. Further accesses to the
nonce_count value are done using the local variable.

fixes #2
dubek commented Oct 7, 2014

@drbrain here it is in #12 . I added an entry in History.txt under "Upcoming". Let me know if anything else is needed or any fixes are needed. Thanks!

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