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*presentation notes
What is the DOM?
Problems with the DOM
- It changes
- Changing it is slow
What is EDN?
What is AJAX?
How to build a web framework:
- Should do things the Clojure Way
- Code should be in the functional style
- The browser DOM should be EDN data stored in an atom
DOM is not a complete representation of browser state
- Can't set button as pushed
- Can't set scrollbar position
- Can't set text selection
Problem: AJAX requires side effects. Reframed problem: Our state atom no longer contains the whole world
Original sin: Our state is _always_ corrupt in a program that uses AJAX.
We have to contain the corruption (Can be done with FP)
We have to repair the corruption (Requires imperative programming)
"State Corruption" Design Pattern
AJAX=Corruption of state
Corruption is implicit- Make it explicit
GET: State item has value of nil
or selection variable has id that points to nonexistent item
POST: Create new item in state with id=nil
PUT: Have "holding area" in state, set source of truth=nil. Move from holding area back to final area
DELETE: Just delete item
item insert/deletion in delta system
text selection
full IK artwork
"preview" in calculator
*Hello World
(ns my-app.core
(:use [webfui.framework :only [launch-app]]))
(defn render-all []
"hello world!")
(launch-app (atom nil) render-all)
~250 for mouseup
~150 for webfui code
~90 for parsing html
~90 for delta detection
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