A list of UK recruitment companies who have a tendency to send out scattergun spam to digital agencies, in a format for dropping into your GMail filters.
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Spammy Recruiters

This is a list of UK recruitment companies who have a tendency to send out scattergun spam to digital agencies, in a format for dropping into your Gmail filters.

If you’re anything like me you probably get several unsolicited emails per day from black-hat recruitment consultants. If you’re like me you’ve probably tried lots of ways of dealing with this, from replying to them asking to be removed from their database to publicly calling them out on Twitter. None of this works though, they keep emailing you, and new ones pop up on a regular basis. So let’s keep a collaborative list of the companies that spam us in a format ready for dropping into a Gmail filter. Let’s do it on GitHub so that anyone can add to it via pull requests, or fork it to create their own. Let’s make it impossible for these people to actually get through to any of us.

If you do get involved, please have a look at the contributing guidelines. Thanks.


A single Gmail filter can (at time of writing) accommodate 59 domains so you will need to split the file up accordingly.


Install the Canned Response plugin from Google Labs (it's in Settings --> Labs --> Canned Responses: Enable it, then scroll to the bottom of the page and save your changes), create a new filter in your Gmail / Google Apps, paste this list into the From field, and set Gmail to automatically reply with something like this:


It looks like you're a recruiter and you've sent me an unsolicited email.
This is an automated response to let you know that it has been flagged as
spam and deleted without me ever seeing it.

The same thing will happen to further emails you send me. If this is a 
mistake and you are actually someone I work with on our recruitment needs
then you'll have my mobile number, give me a call to let me know.

If you're wondering what this is all about, have a look here:


Make sure to have the filter also flag it as spam and delete it.

Multiple Senders

What to do if you find your company on this list

  1. Stop shitting in the inboxes of busy people.
  2. Leave and go work for a company with some ethics.
  3. Read this

And finally

If you actually use any of the companies in this list, you might want to do two things...

  1. Remove them from your filter
  2. Think about using a different recruitment company that doesn't spam people.

To do

  1. Web interface for people not familiar with Git
  2. Automatic subscription to the filter?

Honourable Mentions

Thanks to @andreagrandi for finding and merging this list by @jasoncartwright You might also be interested in this list maintained by Alex Hewson.