(Development stalled) An Erlang implementation of Jade-like language
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Jadeite — an Erlang implementation of Jade-like language

Jade is a template engine heavily influenced by Haml and implemented with JavaScript for node.js.

Jadeite is implementation of Jade-like template engine in Erlang.


The project is in pre-alpha status. While the task to create is somehow ambitious, the state of things is, that there's nothing to see yet.

Although, Neotoma-generated parser seem to work and jadeite_parse:parse/1 yields us an AST:

1> jadeite_parse:parse("html\n    head\n        title This is a test\n").
 {text," This is a test"},

As this is a hobby project, the development is irregular and may stall for quite a long time.

Limitations and differences


  • Neotoma 1.4 fails on non-ASCII input because of erlang's re module deficiency.


  • A newline is required at the end of file.


Copyright (c) 2011 Aleksey Zhukov drdaeman@drdaeman.pp.ru

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