Helps with those nasty terrain blending artifacts in FINAL FANTASY XV (+ other mod stuff)
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This utility allows you to narrow that nasty terrain blending (dithering) effect in FINAL FANTASY XV



Full screenshots: Original (16x) vs Medium (40x)

Screenshots taken with anti-aliasing disabled for clarity. This is still beneficial with temporal AA on.

Official support threads: Reddit, Steam

Release history

  • 1.0 (March 9, 2018)
    • Initial release


ffxvDitherPatch has been tested with the benchmark, Steam demo, Origin demo, and initial Steam full version.

Windows Store versions are currently not supported for the reasons outlined in this post.


This program requires .NET Framework 4.6.2. You likely already have it installed, but download and install it if you're having trouble running the program.

  • Download the current version
    • As a user, you do not need the source code.
  • Extract the archive to your game installation folder
    • Steam: right click the game in your library, click Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files... to find it
  • Make sure your game is closed before continuing
  • Run ffxvDitherPatch.exe, wait for it to fully load, select one of the options, click Process
  • Wait for the process to finish ("Status: Done")
  • Close the program

You can delete ffxvDitherPatch.exe after this, but you will likely have to reapply the patch after game updates, so you might want to keep it around.

Changing settings / Undoing patch

To undo the patch, run ffxvDitherPatch.exe in the game folder again. It will prompt you if you want to restore a backup.

After restoring a backup, you can apply the patch again with a different option.

You can also manually restore the backup by replacing datas/shader/shadergen/autoexternal.earc with datas/shader/shadergen/autoexternal.preDitherPatch.earc.

Note that if after you apply the patch, a game update replaces the shaders, the backup will be of the old version. Therefore, do not restore the backup if ffxvDitherPatch.exe simply doesn't prompt you to and the game shows no signs of the patch being applied anymore.


If you'd like to share this mod with other people, please link directly to this page, not the Releases page (so people see this Readme first), and please do not mirror releases so there's always exactly one place to get the latest version.

Developer information

This repository contains the following projects:

  • ffxvDitherPatch, the GUI tool for applying this patch
  • DXBCChecksum, a C++/CLI version of AMD's code for calculating DXBC file checksums (a slight modification of MD5)
  • ChecksumFix, a commandline tool for patching the correct checksum into a DXBC binary. Useful for testing out or disassembling (fxc.exe /Fc) hand-modified shader bytecode.
  • Craf, my (somewhat application-specific) implementation of the .earc file format
  • CrappyCrafCrafter, a basic commandline tool for unpacking and repacking .earc archives using the above

While the license allows you to do so, I'd like to ask that you do not distribute CrappyCrafCrafter binaries because it's crappy and I'm aware of other people working on (hopefully better) tools.