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A simple template for WebKit-based Growl plugins.
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This is the template I start with for WebKit-based Growl display plugins. It uses white text on a black background and a largish font for easy reading. The icon is not displayed, but this can be easily changed with commenting/uncommenting in the default.css file.

One of the weird things about Growl is that the display options are unchangeable within a style. You cannot, for example, use Smoke with a 2-second duration for one application and Smoke with a 5-second duration for another—you have to have two differently-named copies of Smoke, one for the 2-second display and one for the 5-second display. The purpose of this template is to allow me to make a new style quickly when I need one for trivial changes like that.

The style is based on the WebKit plugin Example by Ingmar Stein. The documentation for WebKit plugins is here. Before you install it, you'll want to change at least

  • its name
  • its CFBundleName
  • its CFBundleIdentifier

The latter two are in items in the Info.plist file.

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