Set of script and style files for a local preview of blog posts that matches the style of my blog.
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This is unlikely to be of use to anyone other than me, but…

I wanted a TextMate command that would generate a local preview of my blog posts that matched the look of the published posts. I write my posts in a variant of Markdown and use some JavaScript to further reformat some of the content (equations, numbered lines of code, and footnotes). The post-preview.php script converts the Markdown to an HTML fragment, wraps that fragment in boilerplate HTML that references the necessary JavaScript and style files, and saves the result to a file, post-preview.html, in the directory with the scripts. The TextMate command I use to preview my posts is this addition to the Blogging Bundle, called Good Preview:

The two lines of code are

php ~/blog-preview/post-preview.php > ~/blog-preview/post-preview.html
open ~/blog-preview/post-preview.html

The first line runs the post-preview.php script, creating or overwriting the post-preview.html file. The second line opens post-preview.html in my default browser. The Good Preview TextMate command is not included in the repository, which is why I've reproduced it here.

I deleted the original Preview command from the Blogging bundle and removed the ⌃⌥⌘P Key Equivalent from the Preview commands in the Markdown bundle. It might have been smarter to use a different key combination for Good Preview and preserve ⌃⌥⌘P for the standard behavior. Oh well…