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+ Support nanoformats for locations + inline google maps
+ Fix linking of inline links with "~" in them (like
+ Highlight tweets newer than an hour. Fade them to default color.
+ Round corners of avatars in hud black avatars theme.
+ Show successful status posting by turning status field green and then fade to default color.
+ Show message when fetching new tweets.
+ Enhance keyboard navigation; "r" for partial update
+ Growl notification patch by Carl Leiby added.
+ Fixed - Multiple usernames in tweet not linked.
+ Added profile image example in hud-black-avatars style.
+ Aditional style matching Fluid's HUD-black.
+ Add Twoot to Twitter client registry (should display "posted via Twoot").
+ Prevent flickring on reload.
+ Recalculate timestamps each minute.
+ Reload from last update instead of full feed reload (if possible via twitter api)
+ Use keychain for twitter username and password instead of editing js file.
+ Added new icon for the default style (butterflies are more lightweight than birds...)
+ Break long words to prevent sideways scrolling
+ Enable automatic reload every 65 secs
+ Clicking name should initiate new message to @name in message field.
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