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A set of PostScript and PDF files for Cornell-type paper in letter and junior sizes.

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Planner inserts

A set of PostScript and PDF files for Cornell-like notepaper. Three types:

  1. Letter-sized paper (8.5 × 11) with side binding margins.

  2. Junior-sized paper (5.5 × 8.25) with side binding margins.

  3. Junior-sized paper (5.5 × 8.5) with top binding margins.

  4. Slightly shorter junior-sized paper (5.5 × 8.25) with top binding margins.

All are intended to be printed on letter-sized paper. The junior-sizes pages are printed two-up.

The PostScript files are the master files; the PDFs are derived from them.

The Makefile puts everything together. Running make creates all the PDF files; running make clean deletes all the PDF files. The single page PDFs are generated via the ps2pdf utility that ships with Ghostscript. The multipage PDFs (which end with "-rv") are constructed from the single-page PDFs through a shell script called pdfcat:

gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=- $*

This uses Ghostscript to concatenate the PDF files listed on the command line and send them to stdout. You'll need to have both pdfcat and ps2pdf in your $PATH in order to run the Makefile.

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