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# Tweepy
# Copyright 2009-2010 Joshua Roesslein
# See LICENSE for details.
Tweepy Twitter API library
__version__ = '1.7.1'
__author__ = 'Joshua Roesslein'
__license__ = 'MIT'
from tweepy.models import Status, User, DirectMessage, Friendship, SavedSearch, SearchResult, ModelFactory
from tweepy.error import TweepError
from tweepy.api import API
from tweepy.cache import Cache, MemoryCache, FileCache
from tweepy.auth import BasicAuthHandler, OAuthHandler
from tweepy.streaming import Stream, StreamListener
from tweepy.cursor import Cursor
# Global, unauthenticated instance of API
api = API()
def debug(enable=True, level=1):
import httplib
httplib.HTTPConnection.debuglevel = level
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