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A Python library for accessing the Twitter API.
-Requires Python 2.5 or later. Python 3 not yet supported.
+Requires Python 2.5 or later. Sorry no Python 3 support yet.
-Source Code:
-Mailing list:
- Server:
- Channel: #tweepy
+Git Repository:
+Google Groups:
+IRC Channel: #tweepy
-If you have a Github account please fork the repository,
-create a topic branch, and commit your changes.
-Then submit a pull request from that branch.
-I would also accept patches via the mailing list, but pull requests
-on Github is the preferred method.
+How to contribute a patch:
+ 1. Fork Tweepy on
+ 2. Create a new branch
+ 3. Commit changes to this branch
+ 4. Send a pull request

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