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GPG asymmetric (YubiKey) password manager
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Purse is a fork of drduh/

Both programs are shell scripts which use GPG to manage passwords in an encrypted text file. Purse uses asymmetric (public-key) authentication, while uses symmetric (password-based) authentication.

While both scripts use a trusted crypto implementation (GPG) and safely handle passwords (never saving plaintext to disk), Purse eliminates the need to remember and use a master password - just plug in a YubiKey, enter the PIN, then touch it to decrypt the password safe to stdout.

By using Purse with YubiKey, the risk of master password phishing and keylogging is eliminated - only physical possession of the key AND knowledge of the PIN can unlock the password safe.


This script requires a GPG identity - see drduh/YubiKey-Guide to set one up.

To install Purse:

$ git clone

Edit to specify your GPG key ID.


cd Purse and run the script interactively using ./

  • Type w to write a password.
  • Type r to read a password.
  • Type d to delete a password.
  • Type h to print the help text.


Create 30-character password for gmail:

$ ./ w gmail 30

Append q to create a password without displaying it.

Read password for user@github:

$ ./ r user@github

Delete password for reddit:

$ ./ d reddit

Copy password for github to clipboard (substitute pbcopy on macOS):

$ ./ r github | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | awk 'NR==4{print $1}' | xclip

This script and encrypted purse.enc file can be publicly shared between trusted computers. For additional privacy, the recipient key ID is not included in GPG metadata.

See drduh/config/gpg.conf for additional GPG options.

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