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Script to manage passwords in an encrypted file using gpg.

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New! Purse is a fork which uses public key authentication instead of a master passphrase and can integrate with YubiKey.


git clone

Requires gpg - install with brew install gpg or sudo apt-get install gnupg or build and install it from source.


Run the script interactively using cd && ./ or symlink to a folder in $PATH and run directly.

Type w to write a password.

Type r to read a password.

Type d to delete a password.

Options can also be passed on the command line.

Create password with length of 30 characters for gmail:

./ w gmail 30

Append <space>q to suppress generated password output.

Read password for user@github:

./ r user@github

Delete password for dropbox:

./ d dropbox

Copy password for github to clipboard on OS X:

./ r github | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | awk 'NR==3{print $1}' | pbcopy

The script and encrypted file can be safely shared between computers, for example through Google Drive or Dropbox.

A recommended ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf configuration file can be found at drduh/config/gpg.conf.

Similar software


Pass: the standard unix password manager

caodonnell/ a fork

bndw/pick: a minimal password manager for OS X and Linux

anders/pwgen: generate passwords using OS X Security framework