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Two in-the-works story plugins for Comic Easel. Use at your own risk.
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Short info: These are two add-ons for the WordPress plugin Comic Easel. I've written them mostly for myself but they may be of interest to other people who have long form comics. There's no particular reason why I kept them separate except I needed them like this for my site layout. I may combine them later. See them in action at (Look for the longer stories. I've set both widgets to not show when there's nothing to show and I haven't written summaries for all of my 500+ comic pages yet.)

I'm currently working on some additional functions. Once I'm happy with those, I'm going to submit them to WordPress. There are plans to add the functions to a future version of Comic Easel itself, too.

  1. This Story Widget: Creates a widget with some handy information for ongoing stories to show in the sidebar, such as the story title when it's not the page title as well, a synopsis, and a link to the first page.

  2. The Story so far: Adds a metabox to the "Add Comic" page for a quick summary of what happened so far in the story. As well as a shortcode and a widget to display that.

They're both in my own personal beta right now, but they're functional so feel free to use and/or adapt them. Of course, I'm guaranteeing nothing at this point, though they should be harmless. Here's how to use them:

  1. Upload the php files to your plugins folder;
  2. Activate them in the Plugins menu.
  3. If the "Story So Far" meta box doesn't show in the "Add Comic" page, you might have to check it in the Screen Options drop-down at the top of the page. The widgets should just show in your widgets page, somewhere around where the other Comic Easel widgets are.
  4. You'll find all the instructions you need right where you need them: Around the meta box for "The Story So Far" and in the widget itself for "this Story". It's all really simple. I think.
  5. If you run into issues, please let me know. That's what I'm here for!
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