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[CVE-2018-6407 & CVE-2018-6408] Conceptronic IPCam Administration panel CSRF and Denial of Service
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Multiple vulnerabilities at Conceptronic IP Cameras with 0.61.X. web firmware.

A CSRF and Denial of Service vulnerabilities have been found at Conceptronic IP Cameras.

CVE Description
CVE-2018-6407 Unauthenticated remote Denial of Service vulnerability
CVE-2018-6408 CSRF allows to change admin user credentials or create a new user

0. Introduction

Conceptronic cameras are able to record sound and vídeo and stream it trhoug the network. Currently this kind of IP Cameras are used on domestic and proffesional environments, mostly for control and security reasons. Two vulnerabilities where found on two different software firmwares, and possibly they are present on every firmware currently on the market (not confirmed yet by the vendor). The first vulnerability affects the privacy and integrity of the sound and video and audio recorded by the camera, the second, affects de disponibility of the video and audio recorded by the camera, leading to physical security issues. An attacker could remotely take down this cameras just by knowing their IP.

Tested models:

Camera Model System firmware Web firmware

1. Cross-Site Request Forgery on users.cgi

Every request is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery due to lack of CSRF token or any other CSRF protection. Specially sensitive GET request are:


Which allows to change administrator IP without providing the old password. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by tricking the victim to visit a page which forces its browser to make a request to this URL.


Allows to create a new administrator user.

Also, in special circustances, an attacker could exploit the vulnerability on


to view victims current user password in plaintext.

Obtain credentials means that an attacker could access camera's video and audio streaming.

CVSS Score CVSS Details

2. Unauthenticated Denial of Service.

A POST request with huge body to


causes a crash on the IP Camera which completley freeze the system, making it unnaccesible.

In fact, any POST request is handled by an unknown middleware which is the crash responsible.

By crashing the camera, this immediatly stops sending/recording video and audio streaming

CVSS Score CVSS Details
3 8.6 AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:C/C:N/I:H/A:N

3. Exploits.

Two exploits are provided in this repo for those vulnerabilities, just for testing purposes.

4. Researcher.

Gonzalo Garcia Leon

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