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  • Backgound bug fixed in canary
  • Responsive design added: Preview
    • If window's width is too small, members list will be removed
    • If window's height is too small, other elements will be removed to view chat better
  • More adjustments to light theme
  • Bug fixes


  • Removed blur effects
  • Fixed box shadows
  • Fixed opacity issue with transparent Discord
  • Fixed light theme
  • Adjusted Discord's variables
  • Changed height on Powercord's Spotify modal


  • Fixed up for new design update
  • Now supporting the new light mode
  • Added new blur effect
  • Updated blur effect in background options
  • Border-radius has been changed from 5px to 7px
  • Reversed layout on the new server drop down menu
  • Made check marks' borders more bolder
  • Made Mentions and Pinned Messages wider
  • Updated Discord's video player
  • Updated color options
  • Updated banners
  • Updated Spotify invites
  • Updated Game page in the Nitro Store
  • Updated the Add Friend page from Friends list
  • Removed Fallback system, will be added again when needed
  • Removed all border-radius options
  • Removed all font options
  • Removed all custom color status options
  • Removed all custom color server indicator options
  • Removed all home icon options
  • Removed all emoji/avatar size options
  • Removed all titlebar opions


  • Profiles covers officially removed


  • Fixed file arrangement
  • Twekaed activity page
  • Re-adjusted background options
  • Fixed Server Folders
  • Bug fixes

July 25th, 2019

  • Applied server folders update

July 20th, 2019

  • Themed server folders

July 11th, 2019

  • Fixed background on .container-3baos1

June 28, 2019

  • Fixed Activity page

June 25, 2019

  • Fixed voice info


  • Background boot up animation no longer shows up if you're using Discord with transparency
  • Date has been fix and will adjust to each language and adjust the width too
  • Home icon updated
  • Members tab updated
  • Server list updated
  • Chat updated
  • Upload modal updated
  • Status picker updated
  • Emoji menu updated
  • Settings updated
  • Server settings updated
  • Activity page updated
  • Friends list updated
  • Nitro games updated
  • Library updated
  • File management updated


  • Overlay fixed


  • New file structure
  • Now supports Multitask plugin
  • Now supports channel typing plugin
  • Activty page updated
  • Nitro Store updated
  • Couple of PNG icons replaced with SVG
  • Add server modal fixed


  • Profile modal updated
  • Server Discovery updated
  • Emoji menu darkened
  • Server banned updated
  • Upload menu fixed
  • Spotify modal in chat fixed
  • Titlebar fixed
  • Cover fixed
  • Cydle messages themed beep boop

v2 Lite

  • Server list fixed
  • Channel list updated
  • Version number updated
  • Upload menu themed
  • Cover fixed
  • Icons in header whitened
  • Text box in chat updated
  • Gift icon removed
  • Windows titlebar updated


  • Menus are fixed, issue caused by status picker in last update
  • Server Nitro Boost has been themed
  • Activity view fixed
  • Upload menu in chat fixed
  • Search bar fixed
  • GIF pop up tweaked
  • Spotify modal fixed
  • Exit button in settings themed
  • Emoji menu tweaked
  • Home icon fixed
  • Game titlebar has been hidden
  • Animations have been adjusted slightly
  • More areas with transparency were fixed
  • Fixed avatars in Games tab


  • The full screen status picker is back in business
  • Transparency fixed in some areas
  • Border Radius was fixed
  • Voice channels updated(no, not the icon ;w;)
  • Channel names brighten up
  • Loading screen updated
  • Nitro Gift button removed
  • Cog icon fixed
  • Light mode gets a new message(pls don't use, thx)


  • Activity view has been updated
  • Channel list fixed
  • Icons under home are brightened again
  • Header's height was increased
  • Titlebar drag was added on Linux(helpful if transparency is on)
  • Spotify model fixed on Powercord
  • Home text fixed on Powercord
  • Selected server is fully round again


  • Server rings removed due to update
  • Channel list tweaked
  • Server name moved down a bit
  • Search icon fixed
  • Banner on verified servers were themed
  • Bug fixes

v2 Lite

  • Background added and can be customized
  • Colors updated
  • Channel list updated
  • Profile covers were added
  • Tweaks
  • Optimized
  • Bug fixes


  • Colors have been updated
  • Channel Topic pop out has been updated
  • Bug fixes


  • Accent colors were fixed
  • Buttons were fixed
  • Changelog was added to new activity view
  • Spotify info in profile modal is now readable
  • Server Discovery tweaked
  • Bug fixes


  • Home icon option is fixed
  • Server icon size options added: --servericonsize: 1;
  • Powercord is now supported
  • Spotify Modal themed (Powercord)
  • Upload menu re-themed
  • Listen Along(Spotify) has been re-themed
  • In welcome channels, the green arrow has been replaced with :wave: emoji
  • Activity has been re-themed
  • Settings themed (Powercord)
  • Fallback system has been updated
  • Some other custom options have been fixed
  • Spoilers have been themed
  • Changelog has been moved to Activity
  • Upload modal updated
  • A few things were removed


  • Quick Switch modal changes height depending on results
  • Server Drop down menu has been reverted back to old state with small tweaks
  • Login screen has been themed (might not appear to be themed sometimes)
  • Fixed Server Folders plugin


  • Discord's change log has been updated
  • Expose X's change log has been updated
  • A few other modals were updated
  • Command pop up now has round corners on the bottom and a bit of transparency
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • The fallback system got more improvements and new options are added to it
  • You can now change the sizes of fonts
  • You can change the transparency of the background in pop ups
  • The custom background can now be blurred (might cause more lags)
  • Background boot animation has been improved
  • You can now change the icons of the titlebar buttons
  • bug fixes
  • Oh yeah and the store and library are themed

v2.1 - This version was removed

v2.0 - The big boy update

  • New Home Icon
  • Mark as read and Jump to present buttons are smaller
  • Search bar revamp and now fully themed
  • Change log screen updated...again!
  • News in Activity updated
  • Upload modal is revamp
  • Change log icon style changed
  • Debugger screen from Connection Info has been themed
  • Invite Modal updated
  • Invite Modal in chat updated
  • ReplySystem plugin now supported
  • Server Search plugin now supported
  • Grayed chat box is now hidden
  • Accent colors updated
  • Accent text colors updated
  • Font options fixed
  • Streaming status fixed
  • FAQ on website updated
  • Icons in channel header is white
  • Voice channel icons fixed
  • New custom options
  • Commands have been themed
  • Typing modal fixed
  • Codeblocks are half transparent
  • A new fallback system has been added
  • New boot animation for background
  • Server Folders plugin is no longer supported


  • Channel options are now invisible, must hover to select
  • White scrollbar is back
  • Searchbar tweaked
  • Changelog icon changed and has the version number displayed on it vertically
  • Backgrounds transparency was updated
  • Clyde bot messages were tweaked
  • Dates and new message text has been fixed
  • Change log has been fixed
  • Coding re-organized...again :)
  • The upload menu in chat has been strunk down to icons only
  • Well, this is awkward crashed screen has been themed
  • You can now see how many friends are online
  • Status circles fixed
  • Upload modal is full screen


  • Server List fixed [Quick Fix]
  • Search icon white


  • Minimal Mode is now supported
  • Game tab tweaked
  • Upload menu in chat has been fixed
  • Server list fixed
  • Profile modal tweak
  • Editing message box fixed
  • Custom accent text colors applied to more elements
  • Fonts were fixed


  • Search bar is now smaller. Click on the icon to search now.
  • New boot up animations.
  • Chat was fixed up from latest update
  • Non raw file updated no need to redownload, it's pretty much the same really
  • Settings has icons now from ClearVision theme


  • Change log added, click the new icon in the top right
  • Help icon changed


  • Accent background color option added it's back
  • Accent text color(for accent background color) option added
  • Colors in status picker can now be changed to whatever you want
  • You can now change the fonts in Discord
  • In macOS, the pop up bug should of resolved itself and the title bar was fixed
  • Emoji button and emoji tab has been themed
  • The @ everyone pop up warning has been themed
  • Border Radius status mini theme(by Sato) has been added into Expose X
  • Scrollbar was removed from channel list
  • Scrollbar was removed from chat
  • Friends list, chat, and the server list was tweaked
  • Unread channels will have a white circles
  • Read channels will have no #
  • Channel fonts are white now
  • Dates have been moved to the side
  • More borders were removed for more freedom
  • The indicator for selected server has been changed
  • New blur effect background in pop up like image viewing, profile modal, upload modal, etc...
  • Some icons are now white
  • Fonts in most places are white now
  • Fixed a few bugs


  • Upload Modal tweaked
  • Added more information under the Help modal
  • Removed a few things here and there for a cleaner look
  • Some codes from the Lite version has been copied to this version


  • Version number has been moved to :grey_question: Help modal
  • Small tweaks
  • Title bar was fixed
  • Some hover effects were fixed


  • Game Tab news small again for hd images
  • Small tweaks


  • What's that? Is it a plane, no a bird, no it's the title bar buttons! They're back!
  • Upload modal shadows were removed
  • Home icon fixed
  • Members Count plugin now supported
  • VIP Plugin tweaked
  • Character Count plugin now supported
  • Friends Counter plugin now supported
  • Display Servers as Channels plugin now supported


  • Fixed status picker
  • A few bug fixes


  • All of the code has been organized
  • Title bar updated
  • Upload Modal updated
  • Friends list tweaked
  • Full screen status picker updated
  • Context Menu fixed
  • Animations fixed
  • Zoom in on avatar (click and hold avatar in profile modal)
  • Audit logs are finally fixed(bug since v0.3.0)
  • Typing modal fixed
  • Version number is shown much smaller and can be found in the bottom left corner
  • New default background, redownload to get get it or you can find it in #backgrounds!
  • Themed new Game Tab
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed Discord logo in top left


  • Unread channels glow
  • Selected server indicator is smaller
  • New status picker
  • Server Folders plugin was updated in theme
  • Minimalistic titlebar buttons added and the exit buttin and maximize button are back
  • Discord logo in titlebar removed and smaller Discord logo added as the new friends icon
  • Bug fixes were made like animations and small tweaks
  • Context menu was changed
  • Accent color reset.
  • When uploading an image, you can view the full image when clicking on it in the upload modal
  • Texture on title bar button has been removed
  • Fixed Emoji button


  • Create/Join server icon is smaller now
  • Unread server indicator is now over the server icon
  • Selected server indicator is thinner and smalller
  • Accent color now controls more color (ExposeX.theme.css file required)
  • New status picker
  • Server Folders plugin updated
  • Add channel/voice channel icon is now smaller
  • Unread channels have a full white text
  • In a profile view, you can click and hold the profile picture for a bigger view of it


  • Context menu was updated
  • Removed Exit button in titlebar on Windows
  • Removed Minimize button in titlebar on MacOS
  • Removed Max button in titlebar on Windows
  • Status icons were updated
  • Hey look, more bug fixes!
  • On MacOS, traffic light buttons should be centered with the friends icon


  • Bug fixes


  • I think it's official this time, Disconnect Button and Connection button is working. Let's hope!
  • Status Icons in members tab were tweaked.
  • Small bug fixes
  • Status icon in lower left has been moved. Now shows on the bottom edge.
  • Themed new music player in latest Discord update.
  • Username in bottom left now shows up.
  • Added small animations


  • Disconnect button and connection buttons are fixed AGAIN
  • Version number fixed and moved under Mute, Deaf, and Settings icons
  • You can now see who is typing, even your DADDY! :blobguns:
  • Text in settings are now more white to make them more readable
  • Tooltip is round and sexy again
  • Friends icon was fixed
  • Mention bubble now fills the entire icon
  • Mute, Deaf, and Settings icon's margins were fixed
  • A few bug fixes and tweaks
  • "New Message" was fixed


  • Animated pop up for codes have been removed
  • Disconnect button and connection buttons are fixed
  • Mute, Deaf, and Settings icon has round background again
  • Invite link to Support Server was updated
  • Grey overlay background is now more transparent
  • Grey overlay background color was changed to black
  • Names of channels text has been changed to the color white
  • Titlebar fixed again


  • Profile modal has been updated
  • Icons added to Profile Modal
  • Dark color in profile modal
  • Discord logo fixed on Windows platform
  • Transparent server name fixed
  • Transparent messages fixed
  • Transparent usernames fixed
  • Emoji button in light theme fixed
  • Right click menus now as an Android Oreo style
  • Members tab fixed
  • Titlebar fixed


  • When hovering over a channel, a grey background should not appear anymore.
  • Line that appeared over status picker was removed.
  • Members tab doesn't auto hide anymore(only working in Raw file for some reason)
  • Made even more things round and sexy.
  • All profile pop outs should have a dark grey background.
  • Version number fixed
  • Game tab in Discord Canary was themed :video_game:
  • Other small tweaks
  • White theme now supported :white_circle:
  • Icons that appear on profiles like Nitro and Hypersquad now appear fully white.

v1.0 - IT'S ALIVE

  • Released
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