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README		this file
biorhythm.rb	biorhythm calculator
cal.rb		cal(1) clone
cbreak.rb	no echo done by ioctl
clnt.rb		socket client
coverage.rb	simple test code coverage tool
dir.rb		directory access
dualstack-fetch.rb	IPv6 demo
dualstack-httpd.rb	IPv6 demo
eval.rb		simple evaluator
export.rb	method access example
exyacc.rb	extrace BNF from yacc file
fact.rb		factorial calculator
fib.awk		Fibonacci number (AWK)		Fibonacci number (Perl)		Fibonacci number (Python)
fib.rb		Fibonacci number (Ruby)
fib.scm		Fibonacci number (Scheme)
freq.rb		count word occurrence
from.rb		scan mail spool
fullpath.rb	convert ls -lR to fullpath format
less.rb		front end for less
list.rb		stupid object sample
list2.rb	stupid object sample
list3.rb	stupid object sample
mine.rb		simple mine sweeper	
mkproto.rb	extract prototype from C
mpart.rb	split file int multi part
observ.rb	observer design pattern sample	count word occurrence (Perl)
occur.rb	count word occurrence (Ruby)
occur2.rb	count word occurrence - another style
philos.rb	famous dining philosophers
pi.rb		calculate PI
rcs.awk		random character stereogram (AWK)
rcs.rb		random character stereogram (Ruby)
rcs.dat		data for random character stereogram
sieve.rb	sieve of Eratosthenes
svr.rb		socket server
test.rb		test suite used by `make test'
time.rb		/usr/bin/time clone
timeout.rb	timeout test
trojan.rb	simple tool to find file that may be trojan horse.
tsvr.rb		socket server using thread
uumerge.rb	merge files and uudecode them
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