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// Copyright 2019 syncd Author. All Rights Reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package model
type DeployBuild struct {
ID int `gorm:"primary_key"`
ApplyId int `gorm:"type:int(11);not null;default:0"`
StartTime int `gorm:"type:int(11);not null;default:0"`
FinishTime int `gorm:"type:int(11);not null;default:0"`
Status int `gorm:"type:int(11);not null;default:0"`
Tar string `gorm:"type:varchar(2000);not null;default:''"`
Output string `gorm:"type:text;not null"`
Errmsg string `gorm:"type:text;not null"`
Ctime int `gorm:"type:int(11);not null;default:0"`
func (m *DeployBuild) TableName() string {
return "syd_deploy_build"
func (m *DeployBuild) GetByApplyId(id int) bool {
return GetOne(m, QueryParam{
Where: []WhereParam{
Field: "apply_id",
Prepare: id,
func (m *DeployBuild) UpdateByFields(data map[string]interface{}, query QueryParam) bool {
return Update(m, data, query)
func (m *DeployBuild) Create() bool {
m.Ctime = int(time.Now().Unix())
return Create(m)
func (m *DeployBuild) Delete() bool {
return DeleteByPk(m)
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