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@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ Mcp4261 is a simple object which allows your Arduino to control the MCP4261 digi
### Requirements
* [MCP4261 Product Datasheet](*
-* [Arduino Spi Library (by Cam Thompson)](!
+* [The Spi Library by Cam Thompson]( (not the official one)!
\* Sorry, but the previous series of Microchip Digital Potentiometers (any with a total of 5 digits in their name eg 42100) had a very different command syntax and arent supported. They are listed on Page 29 of [the previous MCP 4Xxxx Data Sheet](
-\! Other versions of Arduino Spi library (such as `SPI.h`) wont work / wernt tested.
+\! Download Cam Thompson's Spi library from the link above. There are several similarly-named versions of this SPI library. The version that comes with the Arduino IDE (`SPI.h`) isn't going to work.
### Getting Started

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