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Welcome to Plist4r, a ruby library for reading and writing plist files.

Current status: `Beta`, 0.2.x series

We can read / write a `:launchd` plist. So thats pretty good. The API interfaces (for the pluggable backends and plist_types) are not going to change any more. The user API seems to work. If anyone would like to review the Plist4r code and give feedback / suggestions. Now is the time (whilst were still in beta).

Future `Stable` will be targeted, 0.3.x series.


gem install plist4r

Quick Start

require 'plist4r'

Plist4r::Config.default_dir "/Library/LaunchDaemons"
filename = "com.github.myservice.plist"
p =

# => :launchd

# => :xml

p.<< do
  ProgramArguments ["/usr/local/bin/myservice"]

p.edit do
  WatchPaths ["/var/db/myservice"]

Plist 'Types'

A Plist type can be one of `%w[info launchd]`, and is the data type for the whole plist file. A plist data type can provide convenience methods to set Type-specific plist structures. For example “Sockets” in a launchd plist.

Plist types are also useful to disallow keys which arent recognized or supported by that format. Flicking `:unsupported_keys` the Plist4r config will enable this:

::Plist4r::Config[:unsupported_keys] = false

Or individually, per plist object with

plist.unsupported_keys false

Default is true, which allows editing of any plist keys. We think thats a good choice, since unsupported keys can already be present in existing plist files, which are loadable by Plist4r.

Plist4r Backends

There are now a number of ruby libraries which can read / write plist files. The aim of plist4r is to utilize the individual best features from all of those libraries, as a series of “backends”. And hide those behind a “frontend” that is easy to work with.

Backends often only need to be a single ruby file, which implements the Plist4r API methods and calls out to other (existing) ruby code. No single backend has to provide the whole API. Instead, Plist4r simply iterates over all of the backends it knows about, and then calls the first backend that can responds to the API method.

There are just 6 supported API methods

ApiMethods = %w[from_string to_xml to_binary to_next_step open save]

And (as above) the 3 supported Plist file formats are

FileFormats = %w[binary xml next_step]

We believe thats allright for most uses, and decided to include `next_step` for completeness. `NextStep` is also known by other names such as `OpenStep` and (more updated version) `GNU Step`. For example the apple `defaults` command on Mac OS-X will still return `NextStep` formatted plist data.

More Examples

module ::Plist4r::Backend::MyPlistReaderWriter # implement some plist4r api calls here end

# append my backend to the end of the list

Plist4r::Config << :my_plist_reader_writer # or to the front of the list (executes first) Plist4r::Config.insert 0 :my_plist_reader_writer

# The default directory to load / save files from Plist4r::Config.default_path “/Library/Cars” car =“car.plist”) car.load

car.file_format :binary

# car.plist_type  :car # not implemented *yet* car.<< do road_legal true brake_light_color “red” end car.save_as(“car2.plist”, :binary => true) car.<< do eyes “blue” end # => Exception, invalid plist key name “Eyes” car.<< do tyres “Pirelli” end car.to_xml # => xml string

Remaining Work

Plist4r has now moved from alpha to beta - quality software. TBC…

  • Regression Tests (rspec)

  • Test harness for the backends

  • Testing of the individual backends

  • Tests for Plist Types

  • RDoc Documentation

  • Script for embedding / inlining Plist4r into Homebrew

  • A Plist Type for Info.plist

  • Command line interface (hopefully mixlib-cli)

Notes on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project, and create a topic branch as per these instructions.

  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.

  • Include documentation for it.

  • Include a regression test for it. So I dont break it in a future version unintentionally.



  • Ara T Howard


  • Copyright © 2005 David Hansson,

  • Copyright © 2007 Mauricio Fernandez, Sam Stephenson

  • Copyright © 2008 Steve Purcell, Josh Peek

  • Copyright © 2009 Christoffer Sawicki


  • Author

    Adam Jacob

  • Author

    Nuo Yan

  • Author

    Christopher Brown

  • Copyright

    Copyright © 2008 Opscode, Inc.


Haml, Libxml4r, RubyCocoa

  • Dreamcat4


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