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Stata client for DB.nomics, the world's economic database
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Stata client for DB.nomics, the world's economic database (


dbnomics provides a suite of tools to search, browse and import time series data from DB.nomics, the world's economic database ( DB.nomics is a web-based platform that aggregates and maintains time series data from various statistical agencies across the world. dbnomics only works with Stata 14.0 or higher, since it relies on the secure HTTP protocol (https).

dbnomics provides an interface to DB.nomics' RESTful API (, allowing for the advanced filtering of data using Stata's native options syntax (see Examples). To achieve this, the command relies on Erik Lindsley's libjson backend (ssc install libjson).


net install dbnomics, from("")


. //Load list of providers
. dbnomics providers [, clear]

. //Load content tree for a given provider
. dbnomics tree , provider(PRcode) [clear]

. //Load dataset structure given a provider and dataset
. dbnomics datastructure , provider(PRcode) dataset(DScode) [clear nostat]

. // Load list of series for a given provider and dataset
. dbnomics series , provider(PRcode) dataset(DScode) [clear limit(int) dimensions_opt]

. // Import series for a given provider and dataset
. dbnomics import , provider(PRcode) dataset(DScode) [clear limit(int) seriesids(SERIES_list) sdmx(SDMX_mask) dimensions_opt]

. // Search for data across DB.nomics' providers
. dbnomics find search_str [, clear limit(int) all]

. // Load and display recently updated datasets
. dbnomics news [, clear limit(int) all]



  • provider(PRcode) sets the source that contains the data of interest. The list of data providers is continuously updated by the DB.nomics team. To obtain the most recent list of active data providers, use the command dbnomics providers [, clear].

  • dataset(DScode) sets the source dataset for the time series of interest. A category tree containing all datasets associated with each provider(PRcode) can be obtained via the command dbnomics tree, provider(PRcode) [clear]. (Note: not all datasets available in the category tree may be accessible).

  • clear clears data in memory before importing data from DB.nomics.


  • nostat disables the parsing of series statistics. By default, the command dbnomics datastructure , (...) also collects information on the number of time series associated with each dataset dimension value. Using the nostat option disables this additional parsing of data, speeding up the loading process.


  • limit(int) sets the maximum number of series to load. It limits the number of series identified by the dbnomics series or dbnomics import commands, resulting in faster download of information. A Warning message is issued if the total number of series identified is larger than the inputted limit(int).

  • dimensions_opt(dim_values) are provider(PRcode)- and dataset(DScode)-specific options that can be used to identify series. A list of dimensions can be obtained using dbnomics datastructure, provider(PRcode) dataset(DScode). For instance, assuming the dimensions of dataset(DScode) to be freq.unit.geo, accepted options for dbnomics series,(...) and dbnomics import,(...) are freq(codelist), unit(codelist) and geo(codelist). Each dimension_opt(dim_values) can contain one or more values in a space or comma-separated list, so as to select multiple dimensions at once (e.g., a list of countries). Note: dbnomics does not carry a validation check on user-inputted dimension_opt(dim_values); if a dimension_opt(dim_values) is invalid, dbnomics will likely return the message Warning: no series found. See the Examples section.


Note: the options below are mutually exclusive and are alternatives to dimensions_opt(dim_values).

  • seriesids(SERIES_list) accepts a comma-separated list of names corresponding to series available in provider(PRcode) and dataset(DScode). Each series is then imported accordingly.

  • sdmx(SDMX_mask) accepts an SDMX REST query ("SDMX mask") containing dimensions to identify series for a provider(PRcode) and dataset(DScode) that supports this function. A list of dimensions can be obtained using dbnomics datastructure, provider(PRcode) dataset(DScode). Note: not all providers will support this feature. In such case dbnomics import, (...) may return a Warning: no series found error.


  • limit(int) sets the maximum number of results to load and display.
  • all forces the download and display of all matching results. Note: this option may cause a server failure for queries with a large number of results.


This program has two main dependencies:

  1. The Mata json library libjson by Erik Lindsley is needed to parse JSON strings. It can be found on SSC: ssc install libjson.
  2. The routine moss by Robert Picard & Nicholas J. Cox is needed to clean unicode sequences. It can be found on SSC: ssc install moss.

After each API call, dbnomics stores significant metadata in the form of dataset characteristics. Type char li _dta[] after dbnomics to obtain important info about the data, e.g., the API endpoint.


. // Load the list of available providers with additional metadata:
. dbnomics providers, clear

. // Load the dataset tree of of the AMECO provider:
. dbnomics tree, provider(AMECO) clear

. // Analyse the structure of dataset PIGOT for provider AMECO:
. dbnomics datastructure, provider(AMECO) dataset(PIGOT) clear
Price deflator gross fixed capital formation: other investment
86 series found. Order of dimensions: (freq.unit.geo)

. // List all series in AMECO/PIGOT containing deflators in national currency:
. dbnomics series, provider(AMECO) dataset(PIGOT) unit(national-currency-2010-100) clear
40 of 86 series selected. Order of dimensions: (freq.unit.geo)

. // Import all series in AMECO/PIGOT containing deflators in national currency:
. dbnomics import, provider(AMECO) dataset(PIGOT) unit(national-currency-2010-100) clear
40 series found and imported

. // Import single AMECO/PIGOT series:
. dbnomics import, pr(AMECO) d(PIGOT) seriesids(ESP.,SVN.,LVA. clear
3 series found and imported

. // Eurostat typically supports SMDX queries
Import all series in Eurostat/ei_bsin_q_r2 related to Belgium:
. dbnomics import, provider(Eurostat) dataset(ei_bsin_q_r2) geo(BE) s_adj(NSA) clear
14 series found and imported

. // Do the same using sdmx:
. dbnomics import, provider(Eurostat) dataset(ei_bsin_q_r2) sdmx(Q..NSA.BE) clear
14 series found and imported

. // Show recently updated datasets:
. dbnomics news, clear
(output omitted)

. // Find topic of interest in DB.nomics' data:
. dbnomics find "producer price", clear
(output omitted)


Write at: signoresimone at yahoo [dot] it

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