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AvP Forever

The AvP Forever project focuses on maintenance of available source code for Aliens versus Predator (1999) game. The immediate goal is to create well-working Linux port suitable for Luxtorpeda project.

Branches named other/* contain various older ports and projects.


  • other/icculus-releases

    This branch contains snapshots of icculus releases:

    Content of tarballs was rebased on top of official Rebellion source code release (Build 117), preserving original git-blame information.

    Contains SDL1.2 based port and experimental SDL2 support (Linux, OS X).

  • other/avp-source-code-update

    Aliens versus Predator Source code update

    This branch contains code from SVN repo path ^/branches/workbranch/trunk/ imported to Git and rebased on top of official Rebellion source code release (Build 116).

    Contains port to Windows systems XP/Vista/7/8, Direct3D9 renderer, and numerous other fixes and improvements.

  • other/icculus-2009

    The complete history of the icculus development branch until November 2009.

    Imported from mbait/avpmp master branch, rebased on top of official Rebellion source code release (Build 116).

  • other/icculus-releases-rebased-1

    icculus snapshots rebased on top of other/icculus-2009. Tip of this branch points to the same tree as other/icculus-releases, except the history of the branch is more detailed.

  • other/neuromancer/avp

    Imported from neuromancer/avp master branch, rebased on top of other/icculus/release-rebased-1.

    This branch includes few changes developed for MorphOS release, ported to icculus avp-20170505-a1 release for Linux.

    Contains changes for FMV playback using libav.

  • other/scraft/avpmp

    Imported from Scraft/avpmp master branch, rebased on top of other/icculus-2009.

    Contains changes to support OpenGL ES for Pyra and OpenPandora handheld consoles.

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