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  • Makefile updated to support system-wide install (system-wide installation only available in Steam Beta client at the moment). Boxtron can now be properly packaged in distro repositories.
  • Improvements to CUE sheets handling (fixes e.g. music and video cutscenes in Carmageddon using software renderer - the game now runs perfectly when combined with dosbox-staging test build).
  • Tweak for Lords of Realm.
  • Documentation updates and other small fixes and cleanups.

dosbox-staging (2nd test build)

Users testing previous build confirmed, that it provides substantial improvements over stock DOSBox. Thank you to all testers! Let's keep the ball rolling…

How to use it

Download package (link) and unpack it somewhere.

Update [dosbox] section of your ~/.config/boxtron.conf:

cmd = ~/<your-path>/dosbox-staging-2/dosbox


  • Merged with upstream SVN trunk@4272
  • Implementation of dynamic core for 64-bit systems by jmarsh, which significantly improves DOSBox performance on Linux
  • Workaround for NVIDIA-specific OpenGL rendering bug by Qbix
  • Updated version of krcroft's audio patch
  • Slight update to splash screen by me
  • More compiler optimizations turned on, which significantly improves DOSBox performance compared to previous test build
  • Various smaller fixes for type safety, removing memory leaks, addressing compiler warnings and static code analysis issues, etc.

Read more about dosbox-staging project in this Vogons thread; source code for this release is on po/boxtron-test-4 branch in dosbox-staging repo.

Side note: this is the very first DOSBox build I tried, that runs Stargunner at proper smooth 70FPS, as intended by developer in 1996; this is free-to-play game, check it out. :)

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