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This way user can select the specific game and bypass the ScummVM
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Steam Play compatibility tool to run adventure games using native Linux ScummVM

This is a sister project of Luxtorpeda and Boxtron.


Official mirrors: GitHub, GitLab.


You will need Python (>= 3.5), ScummVM (>= 2.0.0) and inotify-tools.


$ sudo dnf install scummvm inotify-tools


$ sudo zypper install scummvm inotify-tools

Debian, Ubuntu et consortes

$ sudo apt install scummvm inotify-tools


$ nix-env -f '<nixpkgs>' -iA scummvm inotify-tools

Arch, Manjaro

$ sudo pacman -S scummvm inotify-tools

Installation (using tarball)

  1. Close Steam.

  2. Download and unpack tarball to compatibilitytools.d directory (create one if it does not exist):

    $ cd ~/.local/share/Steam/compatibilitytools.d/ || cd ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/
    $ curl -L | tar xJf -
  3. Start Steam.

  4. In game properties window select "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool" and select "Roberta (native ScummVM)".

Installation (from source)

  1. Close Steam.

  2. Clone the repository and install the script to user directory:

    $ git clone
    $ cd roberta
    $ make user-install
  3. Start Steam.

  4. In game properties window select "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool" and select "Roberta (dev)".


Settings for Roberta can be found in ~/.config/roberta.conf (or wherever XDG_CONFIG_HOME points to).

Additionally, per-game settings can be changed through variables set in the Steam client. For example, to force game to use your secondary screen, right-click your game in Steam Library, select Properties  General → Launch Options and set: LUX_USE_SCREEN=1 %command%.

You can use LUX_SCUMMVM_GAME=<game-identifier> to bypass the ScummVM launcher menu, and start the game right away, but it will hide important ScummVM launcher options. To open launcher menu press Ctrl+F5 and select Return to Launcher. The game-identifier value is one of section names in roberta_scummvm.ini file in the game installation directory.

Name Values Description
LUX_SCUMMVM_GAME string Set to the game identifier to run the specific game in a collection, bypassing the ScummVM launcher menu.
LUX_SCUMMVM_CMD command Use this command to run the game. Overrides value in scummvm.cmd setting.
LUX_USE_SCREEN number Set to the number of the screen, that you want the game to use. Overrides scummvm.fullscreenmode setting.


Read all about it in the contributing guide :)

Known issues

  • Some games hang after triggering Steam overlay in ScummVM 2.0.
  • As of August 2019, Arch AUR package for ScummVM does not work correctly.