An Angular 2 component for basic data management using the DreamFactory API.
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An Angular 2 component for basic data management using the DreamFactory API.

This repo is a data manager app, using Angular 2 and DreamFactory REST API. It includes the ability to manage and edit data stored in DB services.

#Getting DreamFactory on your local machine

To download and install DreamFactory, follow the instructions here. Alternatively, you can create a free hosted developer account at if you don't want to install DreamFactory locally.

#Configuring your DreamFactory instance to run the app

  • Enable CORS for development purposes.

    • In the admin console, navigate to the Config tab and click on CORS in the left sidebar.
    • Click Add.
    • Set Origin, Paths, and Headers to *.
    • Set Max Age to 0.
    • Allow all HTTP verbs and check the Enabled box.
    • Click update when you are done.
    • More info on setting up CORS is available here.
  • Create a default role for new users and enable open registration

    • In the admin console, click the Roles tab then click Create in the left sidebar.
    • Enter a name for the role and check the Active box.
    • Go to the Access tab.
    • Add a new entry under Service Access (you can make it more restrictive later).
      • set Service = All
      • set Component = *
      • check all HTTP verbs under Access
      • set Requester = API
    • Click Create Role.
    • Click the Services tab, then edit the user service. Go to Config and enable Allow Open Registration.
    • Set the Open Reg Role Id to the name of the role you just created.
    • Make sure Open Reg Email Service Id is blank, so that new users can register without email confirmation.
    • Save changes.

#How develop the project on your local machine


  • node v4.x.x higher and npm 2.14.7
  • to develop independently, without having to put source files in df instance, make sure cors is enabled and necessary permissions are given to services in your df instance

##Run project

git clone
cd angular2-data-component
# paste your dsp_instance_url and app_key in app/index.html
# install the project's dependencies
npm install
# watches your files and uses livereload by default
npm start

#Additional Resources

More detailed information on the DreamFactory REST API is available here.

The live API documentation included in the admin console is a great way to learn how the DreamFactory REST API works.