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DreamFactory starter connector
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This guide is not a strict instruction. You don't have to follow every part of it.

DreamFactory Skeleton

Note: This repository contains the code needed to create a new connector of the DreamFactory platform. If you want the full DreamFactory platform, visit the main DreamFactory repository.

You are free to integrate anything Laravel provides, note that DreamFactory uses Laravel 5.6 version.

You can clone content of this repository to your own to get new functional connector of DreamFactory Platform.

To connect it to DF just add the following to the require section of main composer:

"require":     {
    "dreamfactory/df-skeleton":   "~0.1.0"    // instead of skeleton write name of your package

Then run composer require dreamfactory/df-skeleton update--no-dev --ignore-platform-reqs


Documentation for the platform can be found on the DreamFactory wiki.

Create a new DreamFactory connector

First of all, your package composer need to require df-core and, in case of creating system service, df-system. Just add the following to the composer.json file of your package:

"require":     {
    "dreamfactory/df-core":   "~0.15.1",
    "dreamfactory/df-system": "~0.2.0"

This package has:


  • ./database

Things that concern database. For example migrations, if your package needs a table in system database.

  • ./routes

If you need a non DF API route, you can describe it in routes.php file.

  • ./src/Components

Any support classes, like wrappers or classes that implement the 3rd party packages functionality.

  • ./src/Enum

In some cases you want to define a constant list of values. This is a food place to place them.

  • ./src/Events

Your package can define events to subscribe to them later.

  • ./src/Handlers/Events

Define event handlers or any other here.

  • ./src/Http Things that handle routes from ./routes folder.

    • ./src/Http/Middleware

    Requests middleware should go here.

    • ./src/Http/Conrollers

    Contollers of ./routes should go here.

  • ./src/Models

Define Eloquent Models here.

  • ./src/Resources

API Resources. It may extend DreamFactory\Core\Resources\BaseRestResource from df-core.

  • ./src/Services

Define your new Service here. It may also extend DreamFactory\Core\Services\BaseRestService or any other base services from df-core.

  • ./src/Testing

PHPUnit tests go here.


  1. Service that extends DreamFactory\Core\Services\BaseRestService (see src/Services)

  2. Database table that describes your connector config (see database/migrations)

  3. Model that connects to the table and extends DreamFactory\Core\Models\BaseServiceConfigModel (see src/Models). There is an opportunity to create connector not using database (see DreamFactory\Core\Models\BaseServiceConfigNoDbModel)

  4. Resource that extends DreamFactory\Core\Resources\BaseRestResource (see src/Resources)

For parent classes you can override methods to satisfy your needs.

In your resource and service you can override handleGET, handlePOST methods from df-core to determine responses (only if $autoDispatch = true;).

ServiceProvider connects the package to the application.

Remember you are not limited and you can implement anything Laravel provide.

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