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Salesforce-powered Alexa bot for DreamHouse sample application
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DreamHouse Bot for Alexa

A Salesforce-powered Alexa Skill for the DreamHouse sample application.

Follow the instructions below to create your own instance of the skill:

Step 1: Install the DreamHouse App

If you haven't already done so, follow these instructions to install the DreamHouse sample application.

Step 2: Create a Connected App

If you haven't already done so, follow the steps below to create a Salesforce connected app:

  1. In Salesforce Setup, type Apps in the quick find box, and click the Apps link

  2. In the Connected Apps section, click New, and define the Connected App as follows:

    • Connected App Name: MyConnectedApp (or any name you want)
    • API Name: MyConnectedApp
    • Contact Email: enter your email address
    • Enabled OAuth Settings: Checked
    • Callback URL: http://localhost:8200/oauthcallback.html (You'll change this later)
    • Selected OAuth Scopes: Full Access (full)
    • Click Save

Step 3: Deploy the DreamHouse Alexa Skill

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the Heroku Dashboard

  2. Click the button below to deploy the Alexa Skill on Heroku:


  3. Fill in the config variables as described.

    • For SF_CLIENT_ID, enter the Consumer Key of your Salesforce Connected App
    • For SF_CLIENT_SECRET, enter the Consumer Secret of your Salesforce Connected App
    • For SF_USER_NAME, enter the the username of your Salesforce integration user
    • For SF_PASSWORD, enter the the username of your Salesforce integration user

Step 4: Create an Amazon AWS account

If you don't already have an AWS account, follow the steps below to create one:

  1. Open a browser and access the AWS Console:

  2. Click Create an AWS Account

Step 5: Configure the Skills

  1. Login to the Alexa console:

  2. Click Get Started in the Alexa Skills Kit tile

  3. Click the Add New Skill button

  4. Fill in the Skill Information screen as follows:

    • Skill Type: Custom Interaction Model
    • Name: DreamHouse
    • Invocation Name: dreamhouse
  5. On the Interaction Model Screen:

    • Paste the following JSON document in the Intent Schema box:

      "intents": [
         "intent": "SearchHouses"
         "intent": "AnswerCity",
         "slots": [
             "name": "City",
             "type": "AMAZON.US_CITY"
         "intent": "AnswerNumber",
         "slots": [
             "name": "NumericAnswer",
             "type": "AMAZON.NUMBER"
         "intent": "Changes",
         "slots": [
             "name": "City",
             "type": "AMAZON.US_CITY"
         "intent": "AMAZON.HelpIntent"
    • Paste the following text in the Sample Utterances box:

      SearchHouses for listings
      SearchHouses to search for houses
      SearchHouses what's for sale
      SearchHouses what is for sale
      AnswerCity {City}
      AnswerNumber {NumericAnswer}
      Changes for changes
      Changes for price changes
  6. On the Configuration screen, select HTTPS, and enter the URL of the Heroku app you deployed in Step 3, followed by the /dreamhouse path. For example:
  7. On the SSL certificate screen, select My development endpoint is a subdomain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority

  8. You are now ready to test the DreamHouse skill.

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