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Slack Bot for the DreamHouse Sample App

A Salesforce-Powered Slack Bot for the DreamHouse Sample Application.

Follow the instructions below to create your own instance of the bot:

Step 1: Install the DreamHouse App

If you haven't already done so, follow these instructions to install the DreamHouse sample application.

Step 2: Create a Connected App

If you haven't already done so, follow the steps below to create a Salesforce connected app:

  1. In Salesforce Setup, type Apps in the quick find box, and click the Apps link

  2. In the Connected Apps section, click New, and define the Connected App as follows:

    • Connected App Name: MyConnectedApp (or any name you want)
    • API Name: MyConnectedApp
    • Contact Email: enter your email address
    • Enabled OAuth Settings: Checked
    • Callback URL: http://localhost:8200/oauthcallback.html (You'll change this later)
    • Selected OAuth Scopes: Full Access (full)
    • Click Save

Step 3: Create the Bot User in Slack

Follow these instructions to create a bot user in Slack.

Step 4: Install the Bot Implementation

  1. Clone this repository

    git clone
  2. Install dependencies

    npm install
  3. On the command line, define the environment variables used in your Node.js app. On a Mac:

    export SLACK_BOT_TOKEN=your_slack_bot_token
    export SF_CLIENT_ID=your_salesforce_connected_app_client_id
    export SF_CLIENT_SECRET=your_salesforce_connected_app_secret
    export SF_USER_NAME=salesforce_integration_user_name
    export SF_PASSWORD=salesforce_integration_user_password
  4. Start the bot

    node server
  5. In Slack, select your bot under Direct Messages, type Help to see what you can ask, and start chatting with your bot!