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DreamHouse Lock

This sample app provides an easy way to control a Lockitron Lock from the DreamHouse app. Check out a demo:


To get started your will need a Lockitron Bolt with the Bridge device that connects the Bolt to the internet.


  1. Setup the Bold and Bridge

  2. Create a new API integration app:

  3. Copy the testing access token from the newly created app

  4. Get your lock's ID from the Lockitron Dashboard by selecting your lock and copying the ID from the URL<YOUR LOCK ID>

Run Locally:

  1. Run the app in dev mode: LOCK=<LOCK ID> ACCESS_TOKEN=<ACCESS_TOKEN> npm run dev
  2. Toggle the lock: http://localhost:5000/toggle

Run on Heroku:

  1. Deploy the app: Deploy on Heroku
  2. Toggle the lock: http://<YOUR HEROKU APP>

App Architecture

This app is a simple proxy for the Lockitron API to toggle a lock open and closed. It encapsulates the Lock ID and Access Token for demo purposes. For a production app you will want to use OAuth to manage API access. The source for the app is in the server.js file. The app is a Node.js and Express app that handles requests and then calls the Lockitron API to perform the specified action.