DreamHouse customer-facing mobile application built with the Salesforce Mobile SDK
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DreamHouse Mobile App

This repository hosts the source code and installation instructions for the DreamHouse mobile app. DreamHouse is an end-to-end sample application that demonstrates how to build apps on the Salesforce platform. Visit the DreamHouse Microsite for more information.

Install the Salesforce Back-end

Follow these instructions to install the Salesforce back-end.

Install the Application

  1. Install the latest version of Cordova and Ionic 2 beta:

    npm install -g cordova ionic

    or (Mac):

    sudo npm install -g cordova ionic
  2. Clone this repository:

    git clone https://github.com/dreamhouseapp/dreamhouse-mobile-app
  3. Navigate to the dreamhouse-mobile-app directory:

    cd dreamhouse-mobile-app
  4. Install the dependencies:

    npm install

Run in your Browser

  1. On the command line, make sure you are in the dreamhouse-mobile-app directory:

  2. Type the following command to run the app in the browser:

    ionic serve
    • If you don't see the OAuth window, enable popups and try again.
    • Make sure you log in the org you installed the DreamHouse package in.

Build and Run on an iOS Device

  1. Install the required plugins (including the Salesforce Mobile SDK plugin) and platform from config.xml:

    cordova prepare

    The Salesforce Mobile SDK plugin currently requires cordova-ios version 4.2.0 which is automatically installed by cordova prepare (see engine entry in config.xml).

  2. Build the app for iOS:

    ionic build ios
  3. Open DreamHouse.xcodeproj in the dreamhouse-mobile-app/platforms/ios directory

  4. Click DreamHouse in the left sidebar

  5. In the Signing section, select a team corresponding to a valid certificate

  6. Click the Run button in the toolbar to run the application on your device.