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A repository to ask @dreamingechoes anything.

I'm a Software Developer from the north of Spain, interested in all kind of technologies. I have been working as a software developer since 2005, starting with desktop application developments to quickly focus on my true passion: web development.

With years of experience developing projects of all kinds with Ruby and Rails, I am currently focused on the Elixir/Phoenix duo. The other two fields of software that interest me most are the Internet of things and intelligent systems.

When I'm not working, I like to learn new technologies, write about software development on my personal website, take some photography and play the guitar.

If you have a question you're interested in reading me tap out a response for, this is just the right place.

Ask a question

Asking a question is as easy as creating a new issue on this repository.

I'll try to answer it as soon as I can. Once I answer I'll close the issue, so I can know what I've covered.

Read some questions

Check out the Closed Issues filter on this repository to browse questions I've answered in the past.


If you have something quick and easy, just ping me on Twitter. I'm @dreamingechoes.

This project was developed by dreamingechoes. It adheres to its code of conduct, and uses an equivalent license.