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Bill Title API


This repository provides an http service to get bills, titles, bills related by title, and bills related by section similarity. It is built on the self-documenting FastAPI in Python and uses data from other related repositories. Initially, this data was stored in a sqlite database, but was migrated to a postgres database. The original version of the API, with SQLite data embedded, is available in self-contained docker containers, through 0.1.5 (docker run -d -t -i -p 8000:8000


Run using Docker and docker-compose (see below)


  • Clone this repository with git clone

  • Install Python > 3.7 (preferably with pyenv)

  • Install dependencies, including FastAPI and the uvicorn server (pip install -r requirements.txt)

  • Run the PostgreSQL database server (using docker: docker run -d -t -i -p 5432:5432 postgres)

  • Run the server with uvicorn billtitles.main:app --reload (default port 8000)

This will provide an API to query for bills and titles; query similar bills by bill number; (soon) to query similar bills by title; and to create, update, and delete bills and titles.

The bill-to-bill data is only up to date through the date of this README.


The API is self-documenting, thanks to FastAPI. It can be viewed and tested at http://localhost:8000/docs.

View API documentation

The api includes paths to get bills, titles, and bills related by title.


Within this repository is a docker-compose.yml file that can be used to run the API in a docker container. To run this compose file requires at least 20GB of disk space (for the PostgresSQL container) and at least 4GB of RAM (for the Elasticsearch container). I used a machine with the following settings: ` podman machine init --disk-size=20 --memory=5000`

The docker-compose.yml refers to two custom docker images:

  • (the FastAPI application, contained in this repository and defined by the Dockerfile at the top level of the directory)

  • (the PostgreSQL database. The tables for this are defined in It is loaded with ~ 2Gb of data derived from processes in the repository. The docker container is built with the dockerfile at dockerpgsa/Dockerfile in this repository.)

To run the docker-compose file, copy the .env-sample file to .env in the directory with the docker-compose.yaml file and use: docker-compose up -d (add a & at the end to run in the background)

Load Elasticsearch data from .json.gz files

  • Unzip the .json.gz

gzip -d elasticdump.billsim.json.gz gzip -d elasticdump.bill_full.json.gz

these files are available separately, and are generated from data created by the repository.
  • Restore data to Elasticsearch

elasticdump \
  --input "elasticdump.billsim.json" \
  --output=http://localhost:9200/billsim --limit=50 \
  --ignore-errors true

elasticdump \
  --input "elasticdump.bill_full.json" \
  --output=http://localhost:9200/bill_full --limit=50 \
  --ignore-errors true

Run the PostgreSQL database container alone

The database container alone can be run with: docker container run -d --rm -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -e POSTGRES_USER=postgres --name billsim-data

Then the database can be accessed at psql postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432

The data in the Docker image is not complete, especially for related bills. The title data should be up-to-date as of the commit of this README. However, it is not meant to be used in production as-is.
For MacOs users, it may be necessary to set port forwarding in Virtualbox on MacOs to forward to a host port. Set Guest port to 8000 and host port to whatever you want to use on your local machine (I also use 8000). To set the port forwarding, follow the instructions here:

See Also

See also the and the repositories. The billsim repository processes bill data into a PostgresSql database, while the bills repository provides a Go module to calculate similarity scores between bills.


This repository is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Service to get bills, titles and bills related by title (using FastAPI); see also billtitles in Go







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